Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have Zoning?

The purpose of zoning is to promote and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community.  The zoning ordinance divides the county into districts where we can regulate the location, construction, intensity and bulk of residential, commercial, and industrial uses in order to grow our community responsibly and efficiently.

What information should I bring with me when I apply for a permit?
 Construction plans including a list of materials, a copy of the recorded deed to the property, a site plan showing where the structure will be situated on the property, your 811 ticket number, estimated cost of the project and any sewer/septic connection information as applicable. 

 How do I find out the zoning of my property?    

Please contact the Planning Department and we will assist you in checking the zoning map. NOTE: For zoning requests in the corporate limits of the City of Austin, contact (812) 794-2877.

Does the Area Plan Commission issue Building Permits?

No. The APC issues Improvement Location Permits.  ILPs and Building permits are BOTH necessary for your construction project. Our office will help you file one application that will be used for both. For any construction or code questions, contact the Building Commissioner, Lee Gay at 812-752-8445 option 2.

Are the Plan Commission and Building Commission in the same office?

Yes. The Planning Department is located in the basement of the Scott County Courthouse, Suite G40. Here you will find the Area Plan Commission, the Building Commission and the County Surveyor's office.

Do I need an Improvement Location Permit for a House? Deck? Pole Barn? Swimming Pool? Garage? Portable Building?

Yes. Most structures require a permit. Taking a few minutes to ensure compliance with the Ordinance prior to the construction or installation of your project reduces the risk of future complications, cost of modification and risk of damage.

Do I need an Improvement Location Permit for a business sign?

Maybe. Are you installing a new sign or making structural changes to an existing sign? Are you doing repair or maintenance on an existing sign? Please contact our office to determine if a permit is necessary.

What is the minimum size for a home in Scott County?

The minimum size is 950 square feet in most cases. If you are considering a smaller home, please contact our office to learn what is necessary for an exception to this standard.

Can I get a Septic Permit at the Plan Commission office?

No. Septic permits are issued by the Scott County Health Department (812) 752-8455. You will bring a copy of the septic permit with you for construction permits. For connections to the sanitary sewer system, please contact Scottsburg City Hall at (812) 752-4343.

How much does an Improvement Location Permit cost?

See our fee schedule and call for clarification if needed.

Can the Plan Commission fax me a permit application?

You may fill out the application and other necessary documents off site, but we will require an original signature and all other applicable documents prior to issuing your permit.

What happens if I fail to get an Improvement Location Permit?

We will do our best to help you bring your structure into compliance, however you run the risk of violation fines, construction delays, potential mandatory demolition of your structure and other risks that could affect the sale value or insurability of your property. The permitting process is for your safety and well being. We want to work with you to build your dream in a manner that is safe and responsible for all.

When are the Board of Zoning Appeals and Area Plan Commission meetings?

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month in room 128 of the Scott County Courthouse.

Board of Zoning Appeals meets at 6:00 pm. - Area Plan Commission meets at 7:00 pm.

How far in advance do I need to file a petition with the Plan Commission or the Board of Zoning Appeals?

Application deadlines are listed with our meeting dates under the Board Info tab.

Where do I get flood plain information?

We can help you here at the Planning Department or you can visit the FEMA website below in the next answer. APC Director, April Ramoni, is a Certified Floodplain Manager and will do her best to help you through all of your floodplain questions and needs.

My insurance company sent me a letter stating that my property is in a flood zone but I do not believe this is accurate.  What can I do about this?

You will need to contact FEMA at (877) 336-2627 or visit their website 

 Does the City of Austin have its own Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals?

Contact Austin City Hall at (812) 794-2877 for planning and zoning questions within their city limits.

How long does it take to receive an Improvement Location Permit?

Provided everything is in compliance, our typical turn-around time is 1-3 business days.

Do I need an Improvement Location Permit to demolish a structure?

Yes. Demolition permits are extremely important to obtain for many reasons.

How many Permits did the APC issue last year?

In 2015 the APC issued 202 permits with a total estimated cost of improvements into the community valued at $19,265,377.00. YEAR_END_REPORT.pdf

 Do I need to call anyone before I dig?

Yes.  Before you dig you should call 811 or (800) 382-5544 to mark your utilities. For additional information visit 

When I see someone placing fill or building in an area that is probably a floodplain, what should I do?

The best way to report a possible violation of either the Flood Control Act or the Lake Preservation Act is to email the DNR Division of Water at with as much detailed information as possible, including your name and contact information. For additional information visit 

 What is a Rule 5 Permit?  

 Rule 5 is a federally mandated state regulation intended to regulate storm water discharges from construction sites which disturb one (1) acre or more.  The rule requires that a storm water pollution prevention plan be drafted for the project and submitted to the local Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) for review.  It also requires a Notice of Intent (NOI) letter, along with a permit fee, to be sent to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).  IDEM is the agency that actually administers and enforces the regulation.  The SWCD requests a fee for the review and site inspection procedures.  Please contact the SWCD for the review fee schedule. For additional information contact the Scott County Soil and Water Conservation District at 812-752-2269 ext 3 or visit  

How do I file a complaint?

To file a zoning violation complaint, please use this form:



Plan Commission
 Scott County Courthouse
 1 E. McClain Avenue, Suite G40
 Scottsburg, Indiana 47170
 (812) 752-8445 option 1

Building Commission
 Scott County Courthouse
 1 E. McClain Avenue, Suite G40
 Scottsburg, Indiana 47170
 (812) 752-8445 option 2
Lee Gay, Inspector

NOTICE: Effective 4/25/18

for permits within the 

corporate limits of the 

City of Scottsburg

CALL 812-722-1157


Important Numbers

City of Scottsburg (812) 752-4343

City of Austin (812) 794-2877

County Health Department (812) 752-8455

County Highway Department (812) 752-8470

Saegessar Engineering (812) 752-8123

Bureau of Motor Vehicles (812) 752-4045

Midwest Natural Gas (812) 752-2230

Ferrellgas (812) 752-4832 

Jackson County REMC (812) 358-4458

Clark County REMC (812) 246-3316

Duke Energy (800) 777-9898

Stucker Fork (812) 794-0650

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